What You Should Know About Golf Shoes

Statistics show that an average golfer walks 4-5 miles in a round and spends 4-5 hours on his/her feet. Knowing these facts, it’s not surprising that many golfers really do invest in their golf shoes. In their own way, shoes are almost as important as the player’s golf set! Here are a few keys to ensuring that you will be getting value for your money:


Know what size fits your feet. If one is larger, opt for the bigger shoe size. Most stores also provide shoes of different widths in consideration of the different foot types. Upon fitting, make sure you wear the socks you normally wear to golf. Test them by first balancing on one foot at a time, then bending your feet alternately. Shoes that fit correctly should bend where your foot does.

Golf shoes are typically tighter around the middle area than other shoe types, so don’t mistake this as a sign of a pair being too small. This area provides the most support for powerful swings, and will stretch eventually. Also, don’t forget to leave a breathing space from the tip of your big toe to the shoe tip. Around ½” should be fine.


The best shoes are waterproof. This way, they’re prepared for any playing condition – whether sunny and dry, or misty and wet. There are some non-waterproof shoes and they are a lot cheaper, but they can be very uncomfortable in wet conditions.

Choose footwear made of leather uppers instead of synthetic leather. Leather uppers are the best material for optimal support, breathability, and waterproofing. Synthetic leather is cheaper, but are less waterproof and less breathable than leather uppers.


There are a lot of options for you to choose from among the various golf shoe styles on the market. Some examples are traditional saddles, athletic styling, trendy styles, and even golf sandals. Choose one that matches your wardrobe and your personality.


Most golf shoes can be equipped with removable golf spikes. These are often purchased separately from the shoes. However, different shoe types and brands often use different spike types and methods for attachment. Once you have purchased your shoes, inquire as to which type of spikes are compatible with your particular model.

GolfAs most courses prohibit metal spikes (because of they can damage the grass), you’re better off investing on plastic spikes. Spikes, also known as cleats, can be attached to the bottom of the shoes to provide better traction and maximum stability during a swing. Spikes need to be replaced regularly. A good tip is that spikes must be changed every three months if you play once a week.

Trusted Brands

As with most sports, certain names stand out in the field of golf equipment since they are known for their quality and endurance. Some brands are pretty familiar to most sports enthusiasts, like Nike and Adidas. On the other hand, some brands are specialized for golf equipment, such as FootJoy and Callaway.

Most shoes play at a price range of around $75 to $150. In general, more expensive shoes are more durable and tend to last longer. Therefore, if you are a casual golfer who rarely visits the course, then buying lower range shoes are okay. However, if you are a serious golfer who plays every weekend, then it would be better to invest on more expensive pairs rather than buy new ones repeatedly. Both big and small brands offer shoes at different price points, so it is up to you to decide which will fit your budget based on how often you plan to use them.

Now you have a better grasp of the basics of finding good golf shoes.


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