The Best Places to Look for Good Golf Drivers Are

Good golf drivers are hard to find generally because it’s difficult to find a good place to get them. There are a lot of options out there but only a few can really set themselves apart.

Knowing where to get good drivers is sort of like knowing where to get cheap gas. It’s something that every good golfer really ought to know if they want to take their game a lot more seriously.

Finding the right place to get good drivers isn’t that difficult. It’s just that, some of these places aren’t exactly conventional. In fact, most people don’t even know these places to be a good place to find golf drivers.

At the local brick and mortar store

golf driverThis seems to be the biggest no brainer that some golfers tend to overlook. The trend nowadays is to simply go on the internet, look at the reviews, find the one with the highest reviews, then boom, make a purchase. The problem with this is that it still doesn’t allow a golfer to fit the driver properly.

Any real golfer worth his salt knows that a proper fit is key to buying the right driver. A golfer, before buying a driver, really has to take a swing at it, no pun intended, to see if it’s the right size. Fitting is the primary reason why going to a brick and mortar store is still a good option when looking for golf drivers.

Even the simplest driver is better than the most expensive model when it’s properly fitted. Never under estimate the worth of a properly fitted driver.

At a golf course

Yup, this one is another strange entry on the list of places to find good drivers. Sometimes, people can be careless with their equipment. There are people who end up misplacing their golf equipment all the time.

For example, a lot of golfers tend to give up on looking for lost golf balls. These balls end up being sold by the people who take care of and manage the golf course for a little bit of extra cash.

The same thing can be true with golf drivers. There are people out there who have lost some of their drivers and end up being kept by groundskeepers. Though this rarely happens it’s nevertheless a nice way of getting drivers at a very low price. However, a word of caution, not all drivers bought from these people would be in an excellent condition.

The neighbor or the family’s garage

Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure as the saying goes. And for most people, a garage can be considered as a treasure trove.

Some golfers are very particular about the drivers that they use. Some of them are so conscious about what they want that they buy extra clubs of the same model out of fear that the subsequent or replacement model might not be as good, which actually happens by the way.

Look around the family or neighbor’s garage and check if they may have a few spare drivers they want to dispose of.

The factory

Some drivers are par for the course while other drivers are sub par, pun intended. That said, some of the drivers that fail to pass a certain quality are sold at an extremely low price. The reason why they sell these drivers at a low price is because they want to recuperate the costs involved in making it and hopefully make another driver that will pass the quality check.

Don’t worry much about the quality itself. Sometimes, the issue doesn’t really have that big of an impact on the way that these golf drivers perform, which is why some golfers still prefer them.


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