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Tarot card readings can show different results - find out what your cards mean. The Death card, the Fool, Sex in the cards - these can all have different meanings.

8) Wands In Tarot

Ace of Wands: Upright - New beginnings, inspiration, intuition, power, passion, sexuality, creativity, pure potential, enthusiasm, bold action, courage, confidence, vitality, kundalini - Reversed: delays, lack of motivation, lack of inspiration, not following intuition

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9) Cups In Tarot

Upright- New beautiful beginnings, overflowing of love, offer of marriage, any new relationship or situation that is pleasant and loving, fertility, a baby born, love for a career or project, alignment with the higher self, peace, compassion, kindness, spiritual bliss, contentment in life, a positive phase in life, divine love, gift from God, a miracle, a new home

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10) Swords In Tarot

Ace of swords: Upright – Power, victory, inspired thought, breakthrough, enlightenment, insight, the rising force of clear thought and communication, clarity, seeing the truth, precise thinking, one-pointed thinking, simplicity, innovative thinking, cutting through illusion, the beginning of a mental endeavor such as the studying of a new subject or the writing of a book

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11) Worrisome Tarot Cards

Death Card: One of the most scary for most and a feared card but please don't be afraid! It is a card of change and transformation. It represents a time where we are now free to let go of that which does not serve us well anymore. Don't fear or stop the letting go process.

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12) Sex In The Tarot Cards

Fool: You discover new and authentic sexual experiences. Try out a lover who is an explorer and tags along with you.

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13) Death Card

This card strikes fear into the hearts of many just saying the name. It is different in imagery and meaning than most decks I've come across.

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14) Different Types of Readings Cards

Tarot cards have 78 cards that consist of five denominations: Major Arcana and Four Suits: Cups, Pentacles, Wands and Swords.

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