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Lets face it - life is very draining. When we forget to take care of our souls or let our pitchers run dry.  We can become grouchy, confused, bitter, angry, exhausted and even physically ill.  This is the face our loved ones see and the one they unconsciously reflect back to us. Then we wonder what is wrong with them.

Just as we must remember to drink plenty of water because we lose so much all the time through sweat, tears, etc., we must remember to fill our soul pitchers in order to maintain a measure of self - to keep from being overwhelmed. We must remember to nourish the intangible parts of ourselves!

When our pitcher is full we can comfortably be in the world.  Having a full pitcher is much like being in love.  Food is tastier, music is sweeter, the grass seems greener and softerIs it really?  Or does it just seem that way because we are in love?

It matters little because we are enjoying being in love.  Indeed, having a full pitcher is the same as being in love with the whole world.

When our pitcher is empty, we find it difficult to concentrate on much besides the emptiness.  It certainly makes it difficult to actually enjoy anything.When our pitcher is empty, nothing remains for us to pour out on others.

Too often we rely on others to fill our pitchers for us and then are disappointed (or even angry) when our pitcher remains empty. We must learn to fill our own pitchers. We can fill our pitchers with any old thing we want, but we must remember that we will be pouring the contents out on those we love and those immediately around us. They will reflect it back for us to see more of.

We can think of it as the Daisies that sit in colored water and then the petals turn the color we put in the water. We had better hope that if we put blue coloring in the water, we really like blue. At least until the new color we choose flushes the blue from the petals to replace it, which takes time.

We must always remember to recognize that we are filling our pitchers. It does us no good to fill our pitchers if we are not paying attentionand overflow is wasted energy.

Some really effective pitcher fillers include reading a good book, soaking in the bathtub and really scrubbing the mental and physical dirt off, having lunch with a fun friend, coloring with the kids, watching stand up comedy, target practice and long drives. Listening to positive music at high volume and/or singing loud is my personal favorite.

Filling the pitcher is as simple as doing something that we enjoy doing and actually noticing that we are enjoying it.  

Joy begets joy Lets explore your road to happiness.













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