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Discovering your Aura

As a little girl I noticed a white glow around certain people.  It was like an out line of glittering light.  I thought nothing of it except I could only see it around spiritual people.  Being only 6 years old I assumed everyone could see the light.  As I grew up I realized it was a gift.  After years of studding all things psychic I now realize we all have this gift, but not everyone knows how to access it. 

According to the dictionary the aura is an invisible emanation or energy field that surrounds all things. The energy flowing through our aura reflects our personalities, lifestyles, thought and emotions.  Our aura also reveals our mental, physical and spiritual well being. 

Many people can see auras but some must learn how to develop their auric sight.  It is easier to feel the aura when first beginning.  This is one of many exciting experiments you can do with a friend.  Choose some one who is open minded.  Do this experiment at a time when you will not be interrupted. 

First, quiet your mind.  Perhaps play some soft music and then relax your body from head to toe.  Let go off all the tension and worries of the day.  After you are relaxed you and your friend should sit facing each other then both of you raise your arms to about chest level with your palms facing outward. 

Have your hands about two feet away from your friends hands, then very slowly both of you should start to move your hands toward each other.  Stop moving them when you feel the energy, it will usually be felt from about six to one inches apart.  Everyones experience is different but usually the sensation of heat is what you may feel first, then there is a circular feeling of energy in the middle of the palms.  After that you may feel a tingling sensation going up your fingers.  Once you have done this successfully try slowly moving your hands around your friend while they sit still and see what vibrations you experience.  Dont worry if it does not work the first time you try it, you may still be a little tense, just relax and have fun. 

An experiment you can do on your own is looking at the energy that flows out the tips of your fingers.  Start with your relaxation technique; make sure the lighting in the room is very dim and coming from behind you.  Place the tips of your index fingers together and just look at them for about thirty seconds.  Then slowly move them apart; you will then be able to see a fine thread of energy (light) that stretches as you move your fingers away from each other.  You may notice the energy is no longer visible once your fingers are about one inch apart.  However with practice you will be able to see the energy when your fingers are four to six inches apart.  If you have trouble seeing the energy try doing this it in a dark room.

The aura has many different colors such as: red, orange, green, blue, indigo, violet, pink, bronze, silver, gold and white.  It consists of several different layers known as the subtle bodies.  Most clairvoyants see the aura as a single layer with multiple colors inside it.  There are seven layers to the aura, as a clairvoyant becomes more familiar with the aura he/she may be able to see all the different layers.

Interpreting Aura Colours

RED - force of will, passion, vitality, desire, physical activity, excitability, anger or nervousness.

ORANGE - creative, artistic, expressive, can think while you act, fullness of experiences & urge to achieve results or success.

YELLOW - sunny, exhilerated, mental, power, expectancy, power struggles & tenacity. Golden can mean spiritual knowledge or mental strength.

GREEN - centeredness, healing, teaching, endurance, perseverance, persistence, high self-esteem & high affinity between body & soul.

BLUE - deep feelings, creative channel, peace, love, affection, communication & fulfilling the highest ideals of unity.

VIOLET - mystical, unifying, enchantment, charming, deep spiritual understanding & high spiritual energy that can transmute lower energies.

WHITE - can signify a highly evolved or spiritual being, spiritually motivated, has the dualities of all the colors, highly motivated & ability to concentrate energy.

Most of the time one color tends to dominate the aura, this is known as the ground color.  This color reveals what you could be doing with your life or some of the unrealized potential inside of you.  The radiating colors that show though the ground color can tell you what you enjoy doing, aspects of your personality and areas of your life that may need improvement.  We have gained volumes of knowledge about the aura since it was discovered, but there is still allot more exploring to do.  Feel free to check in with me regarding your aura.  There is a lot of information into ones soul, destiny that will be unveiled. 


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