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New Age Articles

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1) Astrological Imagery

Astrology is a vast science. It takes many years to master the craft of this and be able to use it for tangible readings. However it is not just limited to advanced science readings.

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2) Chakras in Detail Part 1

You've probably heard about the chakras from time to time, or received a reading from someone who mentioned them. But just what are they? Chakras, bright regions of spinning energy, are actually organs of the subtle body.

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3) Chakras in Detail Part 2

Colors affect emotions and heal. A popular system that could be used as a springboard in your life is the Chakra System. It correlates quite nicely to the color spectrum.

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4) Crystals

Crystals have many varied uses. The only limit is intention and imagination. They can be used merely as beautiful decorative items. Ive seen them used from Geode bookends to Agate slice drink coasters.

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5) Discovering your Aura

As a little girl I noticed a white glow around certain people. It was like an out line of glittering light. I thought nothing of it except I could only see it around spiritual people.

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6) Happiness

Let's face it - life is very draining. When we forget to take care of our souls or let our pitchers run dry. We can become grouchy, confused, bitter, angry, exhausted and even physically ill.

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7) Higher Power

One of the hardest tasks for us to do is be still and listen to the spirit within ourselves. Life rushes past us at such a frantic pace that we feel guilty for taking a time out.

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8) Meditation

The ancient act of focusing and relaxing the mind-body- spirit has been around for centuries. Yet, it has different meanings to each one of us. For some, meditation is religious routine.

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9) Meditating to Awaken Psychic Ability

Meditation is a dependable way in developing Psychic abilities. Many practicing Psychics meditate. Meditation creates a state of mind that easily detects Psychic imagery and messages by using the right side of the brain where our Psychic abilities are housed.

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10) Negative News and How it Applies Personally

It is hard to avoid a day without hearing about the economy in the news. We hear so much about layoffs, debts, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and other frightening financial information that stirs a terrible feeling.

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11) Overcoming Feeling Stuck

We turn on the news or read articles that seem morbid. We feel can feel trapped, isolated, and stuck. Often that is because we don't see an end in sight. But are we really stuck?

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12) Pain

Physical, Emotional, or Spiritual pain, left unchecked will infect each other or spread. What starts out as emotional can become physical and vice versa, also any combination can lead to spiritual pain.

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