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APN has a thorough affiliate package.  We are one of the one Psychic Networks that offers benefits for repeat clients you bring in as well.  We will pay you for each qualified customer you send. 

Your contacts will like our network because:
* We provide thoroughly screened psychics that are selectively hand picked before hire.
* Our charge 60% less than our competitors.
* Our operation is purely from integrity.

Our most desired demographic:
* Educated working professional females 23+
* Educated working professionals
* Individuals seeking guidance in all life matters.

APN provides tools to successfully further affiliates with:
* Your own phone number.
* On demand data from the calls you have generated
* Monthly commissions.
* Commissions for repeat clients.

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No Computer needed.�Simply pick up the phone and dial.
First 3 Minutes Free!�/ We charge 60% less than our competitors without compromising quality!


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